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L'Information Psychiatrique


Classification of autism and early psychosis, advocacy for convergence Volume 86, issue 3, mars 2010

Professeur émérite, Université Paris-Sud., Présidente de la SIP, pédopsychiatre, CHU de Nantes, CNP Les âges premiers, 1, rue Marmontel, 44000 Nantes, Présidente de l’API, pédopsychiatre, CH Saint-Égrève

It appears essential to the authors that a debate be conducted on concepts of autism, early psychosis and what is referred to in France as “psychotic disharmony” (multiplex developmental disorder). The various classifications CFTMEA (French Classification of Child and Adolescent Mental Disorders) (2010 version), ICD10 and DSM IV, are used in research, development of diagnostics, the initial stages of management, its assessment and evolution. The difference between them, and primarily with the French classification, is probably the place given by the latter to psychopathology. It promotes the recognition of differential diagnoses whose importance is noted at all ages and especially in very young children. This ability to comprehend the child in its own environment and its history in its various dimensions permits children the access to therapeutic, educational and social resources. The reversibility of disorders is integrated and observed in children with multiplex developmental disorder, maintained by this approach within their individual capacities.