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Useful scores for predicting invasion in rectal neoplasia Volume 24, supplement 3, Novembre 2017


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1 Hôpital Edouard Herriot, service d’endoscopie et d’hépatogastroentérologie, pavillon L, Lyon, France
2 CHU Dupuytren, service d’endoscopie et d’hépatogastroentérologie, Limoges, France
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Colorectal neoplasia have different aspects depending on their histology and their invasion depth. Endoscopic characterization using chromoendoscopy is able to predict this histology and invasion. According to macroscopic aspect, size, vascular and mucosal patterns, color, it is possible to predict if the lesion should be resected by endoscopy or by surgery with lymph nodes dissection. Characterization is not an exact science but is more precise than a biopsy sample which could probably diagnose adenocarcinoma but absolutely not the depth of invasion in the submucosa. This review aimed to concentrate the different diagnostic characteristics previously reported in one table, to determinate histology and invasiveness. Those criteria could help you to chose between surgery and Endoscopic submucosal dissection. In fact, colorectal surgery is not so safe and it is probably better for the patient to privilegiate endoscopy whenever possible to reduce morbidity and mortality in superficial lesions.