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Medical management of alcohol misuse: an update Volume 23, issue 6, Juin 2016


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1 CHU de Lille,
département de psychiatrie et d’addictologie,
service d’addictologie,
Hôpital Fontan 2,
1 rue Verhaeghe,
59037 Lille Cedex,
2 EPSM Val de Lys – Artois,
centre de soins,
d’accompagnement et de prévention en addictologie,
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Alcohol misuse is a broad concept that encompasses all stages of problematic use of alcohol, ranging from hazardous drinking to dependence. Alcohol misuse is one of the leading causes of preventable diseases, including digestive diseases. Until recently, the focus had mainly been on alcohol dependence and the treatment goal was centered on abstinence. We now know that all stages of alcohol misuse are associated with increased mortality and morbidity, which means that it is needed to intervene earlier. In the meantime, the practice of alcohol treatment specialists has evolved from the unique abstinence dogma towards the development of harm reduction programs designed primarily to retain patients in care. In this perspective, this mini-review aims at: 1) describing the concepts and terms currently used to characterize the different types of alcohol use and misuse, 2) describing the different therapeutic strategies available in the management of alcohol misuse, and 3) summarizing the therapeutic strategies by types of alcohol misuse, based on the latest recommendations of the French Society of Alcohol and the most recent literature.