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Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive


Diagnostic and management of small bowel diverticulosis Volume 26, issue 1, Janvier 2019


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Hôpital Bégin,
service de chirurgie digestive,
69 avenue de Paris,
94160 Saint-Mandé
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Diverticulosis of the small intestine is a rare condition whose management remains controversial. Often asymptomatic and fortuitous discovery, it can be revealed by its infectious or hemorrhagic complications most often requiring emergency surgical management. Imaging now enables accurate diagnosis, and new endoscopic and interventional radiological techniques have made it possible to limit the urgent surgical indication. The curative treatment remains today the exeresis of the digestive segment reached by diverticulosis; however, it is to be integrated in a global care, in order to be able to realize it under good conditions, in order to limit complications.

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