Les facteurs de risque d’exposition professionnelle dans les lymphomes Volume 26, issue 3, Mai-Juin 2020


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1 Service des maladies du sang, CHU d’Angers, France
2 Centre de consultations de pathologie professionnelle, CHU d’Angers, France
3 Inserm, U1085, Irset, équipe Ester, université d’Angers, France
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The risk factors for hematological malignancies, in particular lymphoid malignancies, are still poorly understood today. A certain number of risk factors of occupational origin have been the subject of scientific studies since the 1980s. We offer, in this mini-review, a synthesis of data from the literature dealing with risk factors for lymphomas linked to professional exposure. Pesticides and organic solvents have been the most studied and the farming profession seems to be the most affected. We detail here the main pesticides in question. Hair dyes, ultraviolet and ionizing radiations have also been the subject of epidemiological studies. Many of these studies, however, have limitations and biases, and call for caution in interpreting their results and conclusions. Finally, it is recalled that the occurrence of lymphoma linked to an occupational exposure recognized as potentially favorable may be the subject of a request for recognition as an occupational disease, under certain conditions.

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