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Environnement, Risques & Santé


A reading grid for the assessment of soil measurement campaigns Volume 7, issue 6, novembre-décembre 2008

Institut de veille sanitaire (InVS) 2, rue du Val-d’Osne 94415 Saint-Maurice France, Cellule interrégionale d’épidémiologie d’Ile-de-France (Cire IdF) 58-62, rue de Mouzaïa 75935 Paris cedex 19 France
  • Key words: environmental exposure, risk assessment, sampling strategy, soil pollutants
  • DOI : 10.1684/ers.2008.0178
  • Page(s) : 435-40
  • Published in: 2008

Any study assessing health risks for populations in the neighbourhood of contaminated sites must characterise the environment in order to estimate exposure to the pollutants released by the site. Feedback from the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance (InVS, Institut de veille sanitaire) and it regional relays (Cire, Cellules interrégionales d’épidémiologie) has underlined the difficulties commonly faced in the collection and interpretation of contamination data, especially of soils. A reading grid was thus developed to support the interpretation of soil measurement campaigns. It covers the following stages: use of available information, choice of a sampling strategy, methods for collecting and analysing the samples, quality control, and the dissemination and interpretation of the results. It is not a substitute for the various guides detailing soil sampling and analysis but instead provides a simple frame for reviewing protocols.