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Odors in the air: Osmic pollution or when smells hurt Volume 4, issue 1, Janvier-Février 2005


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Université du Havre, 25, rue Philippe Lebon, 76063 Le Havre cedex, Centre d’Affaires « Le Fil d’Osmé », 8 ter, rue de la Rochette, 27000 Évreux

Population demand, concern for air quality, and the high costs bad smells bring with them point to the need to include odour problems into the sustainable development approaches. This topic has long been neglected because it has been misunderstood and because there were no objective means for investigating it. Despite this imprecision and unrestrained subjectivity, some investigations have been conducted and some regulations and standards established. The past 20 years have seen the development of real tools that can "measure" smells. This article discusses the reality of the odour issue and proposes a more relevant and objective approach for its investigation