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Exposition à la lumière la nuit et cancers du sein et de la prostate : étude en population générale à Madrid et Barcelone Volume 17, issue 5, September-October 2018



This news is based on the following article: Garcia-Saenz A, Sánchez de Miguel A, Espinosa A, et al. Evaluating the association between artificial light-at-night exposure and breast and prostate cancer risk in Spain (MCC-Spain Study). Environ Health Perspect 2018 ; 126 : 047011. doi : 10.1289/EHP1837


This study conducted in the two largest cities in Spain helps to fill in the gaps in our knowledge about the association between environmental exposure to artificial light at night and hormone-dependent cancers. Its results indicate an effect specific to blue light. They must nonetheless be interpreted with prudence, since the exposure assessment method requires further improvement.

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