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Trends in the consideration of environmental and health factors in urban planning: Need for an integrated approach Volume 12, issue 3, Mai-Juin 2013


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Urban planning and land management are modes of intervention by which pressure can be exerted on environments and populations. The regulatory framework of planning in Europe and in France has essentially involved consideration of environmental impacts and health risks. When we apply a broader definition of human health, however, such as that of the World Health Organisation, the environmental determinants (environmental quality) compose only one dimension of health. Accordingly, this article describes the progressive integration of environmental aspects into urban planning documents, by both mandatory and voluntary methods and underlines the partial vision of health considered. That is, focusing on the health risks results in missing the transversal comprehensive approach to the city, which involves all of the relevant scientific domains. Thus integrative procedures emerge in urban planning and health; they deserve to be explored and applied early in the decision making process, with the participation of all the stakeholders.