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Food survey among users of vegetable gardens in Aubervilliers (Paris suburb) on contaminated sites Volume 13, issue 2, Mars-Avril 2014


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Département Coordination des alertes et des régions
Cellule de l’InVS en régions Île-de-France/Champagne-Ardenne
ARS d’Ile de France
35 rue de la gare
75935 Paris cedex 19
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  • Key words: diet survey, environmental pollution, food contamination
  • DOI : 10.1684/ers.2014.0685
  • Page(s) : 123-34
  • Published in: 2014

The soil and vegetables of family gardens located in Aubervilliers have moderate pollution due to trace metal contamination. This presents potential health risks in a worst-case scenario of high levels of consumption from these gardens. A survey of vegetable production over the past 12 months and the eating habits of the gardeners and their families was conducted to estimate their use of their homegrown products, look for factors encouraging consumption of homegrown products, and study these practices in urban areas. The study of 58 gardeners shows the importance of vegetable products in the diet of urban gardeners. During the harvest season, the high median homegrown-consumption rate (86 %) and the high percentage of gardeners (57 %) with a consumption rate of at least 80 %, as well as the existence of totally self-sufficient people, resemble behavior observed in rural areas. Three factors related to high homegrown consumption (≥ 80 %) were highlighted : the age of the garden, the time spent in the garden during winter, and the number of species cultivated.