John Libbey Eurotext

Linking epilepsy, sleep disruption and cognitive impairment in Encephalopathy related to Status Epilepticus during slow Sleep (ESES) Volume 21, supplement 1, June 2019


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1 Danish Epilepsy Center, Filadelfia, University of Copenhagen, Dianalund, Denmark
2 University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

“Encephalopathy related to Status Epilepticus during slow Sleep (ESES)” was described more than forty-five years ago in a small group of children with learning disabilities who displayed a peculiar EEG pattern consisting of apparently “sub-clinical” spike-and-wave discharges, that occurred almost continuously during sleep for a variable length of time (months to years). Later on, the condition of a protracted “status epilepticus during sleep” (SES) in the developmental [...]