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European Journal of Dermatology


Two giant orf lesions in a heart/lung transplant patient Volume 16, issue 3, May-June 2006


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Clinique dermatologique, CHU Hôtel Dieu, 44 093 Nantes, France, Laboratoire de virologie, CHU Hôtel Dieu, Nantes, Service d’anatomie pathologique A, CHU Hôtel Dieu, Nantes
  • Key words: orf, immunocompetence, tacrolimus
  • Page(s) : 284-6
  • Published in: 2006

Orf is an infectious ulcerative stomatitis of sheep and goats. The responsible pathogen, parapoxvirus, may be transmitted to humans. Orf lesions are often atypical in immunocompromised individuals. The present report describes two very large exophytic lesions in a 31-year-old transplant patient receiving oral tacrolimus, mycophenolate mofetil and prednisone. Early surgical excision was successful, with no relapse after 14 months.