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European Journal of Dermatology


Psoriasis induced by trastuzumab therapy Volume 28, issue 5, September-October 2018


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Dermatology and Venereology Department, University Hospital of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

We describe the case of a 44-year-old woman with an invasive ductal carcinoma of the left breast (Stage G3, pT2 pN0[sn] MX, ROe Allred 7, RPg Allred 6 and 7, Mib1 30%, HER-2 amplification), with tumourectomy and sentinel nodes showing lymphatic but not perineural invasion. The patient underwent adjuvant chemotherapy (three three-week cycles) of fluorouracil, epirubicine and cyclophosphamide before the administration of three cycles of docetaxel-trastuzumab. A few days after the first cycle of docetaxel-trastuzumab, [...]