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European Journal of Dermatology


Bullous pemphigoid in infancy with spontaneous remission Volume 27, issue 1, January-February 2017


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1 Department of Dermatology,
Keio University School of Medicine,
2 Department of Dermatology,
Kyorin University School of Medicine,
3 Department of Dermatology,
Teikyo University Chiba Medical Center,
Ichihara, Japan

A boy, aged three months and nine days, was noted to have small papules on his limbs seven days before receiving bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine, which was followed, nine days later, by diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (DPT) vaccine. Two days later, abdominal erythema appeared. About three weeks after the DPT shot (at the age of four months and 15 days), tense blisters emerged on the face and extremities, and spread to the body. His mother had faced no similar symptoms during pregnancy. The patient [...]