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Bulletin du Cancer


PPARdelta and PPARgamma: roles in fatty acids signalling, implication in tumorigenesis Volume 89, issue 1, Janvier 2002


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Inserm U. 470, parc Valrose, Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, 06108 Nice Cedex.

Numerous evidences have demonstrated the relationship between high fat diets and onset and/or progression of several diseases associated with obesity. Moreover, several studies have shown that dietary fat generally increases cancer risk. Fatty acids also play a crucial role in the development of these pathologies. The nuclear receptors PPARgamma and PPARdelta are molecular targets for fatty acids. These receptors exert opposite actions in the tumorigenesis process. Indeed, whereas fatty acids-activated PPARdelta is implicated in cellular proliferation and appears to play some role in tumor onset, the activation of PPARgamma by fatty acids or some of their metabolites, seems to counteract tumor progression. Then, PPARgamma and PPARdelta could constitute new potential pharmaceutical targets for cancer treatment.