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Bulletin du Cancer


Continuous education programme in hospital pharmacies for managing cytotoxic drug preparation: the Oncolor‘s network experience Volume 90, issue 10, Octobre 2003


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Pharmacie, Hôpital d‘enfants, allée du Morvan, 54500 Vandœuvre‐lès‐Nancy Pharmacie, CHR Metz‐Thionville, Hôpital Bon‐Secours, 1, place Philippe‐de‐Vigneulles, 57000 Metz ERPI‐INPL Equipe de recherche sur les processus innovatifs, Institut national polytechnique de Lorraine, 8, rue Bastien‐Lepage, 54000 Nancy Pharmacie, Centre régional de lutte contre le cancer Alexis Vautrin, avenue de Bourgogne, 54500 Vandœuvre‐lès‐Nancy Pharmacie centrale, Hôpital Alpha Santé, 53, rue de Wendel, 57700 Hayange Pharmacie, Association hospitalière du bassin de Longwy, 4, rue Alfred‐Labbé, 54350 Mont‐Saint‐Martin Président du réseau Oncolor, Faculté de médecine, avenue de la Forêt‐de‐Haye, 54500 Vandœuvre‐lès‐Nancy

The network of cancer care units in Lorraine area (Oncolor) developed management training for people working in chemotherapy units, and cytotoxic drug preparation. The programme was framed both for staff of executives (pharmacists), and technicians. Firstly, comparison between practices and theoretical recommendations lead to the elaboration of standardized operating procedures. Secondly, we elaborated a specific handbook for this education programme. A series of four‐days independent sessions were organized for pharmacists and technicians. Each session combined theoretical and technical teaching for preparing antineoplasic drugs. Participants passing a successful final examination received a certificate from the Oncolor‘s network attesting their capacity to manage a chemotherapy unit. Four sessions were performed, with 35 participants. Only 31 passed at final examination. This preliminary experience will be enlarged to all members of the network and regularly brought up to date. ▴