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Bulletin du Cancer


Advanced non‐small‐cell lung cancer: benefit of chemotherapy in symptom control Volume 90, issue 10, Octobre 2003

Service des maladies respiratoires, Hôpital d‘instruction des Armées Percy, 101, avenue Henri‐Barbusse, BP406, 92140 Clamart Service d‘oncologie, Hôpital d‘instruction des armées du Val‐de‐Grâce, 75015 Paris Service de pneumologie, Hôpital d‘instruction des Armées Clermont‐Tonnerre, 29240 Brest

Chemotherapy in advanced non‐small‐cell lung cancer may be a controversy because it is only palliative and costly. Benefit of chemotherapy is nevertheless clear in survival and particularly life quality. Beside this technical criteria, two other factors have an impact on the therapeutic decision: symptom control and patient‘s personal expectations. The aim of the strategy is to determine an acceptable compromise in each situation. ▴