Progrès en Dermato-Allergologie - GERDA 2011

Advances in Dermato-Allergology GERDA 2011



Series : Progrès en Dermato-Allergologie - GERDA

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ISBN : 978-2-7420-0806-3

392 pages

Specialty : Dermatoallergology

Published in : French

Format : 17x25 cm

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Book written in french
Up-to-date knowledge on the advances made in skin biology and immuno-allergology, which is essential to understanding dermato-allergology.
An essential progress report for junior doctors of medical disciplines, researchers and health professionals interested in dermatological allergology and immuno-dermatology.
- Occupational and environmental diseases
Hard drugs and skin
Allergic reactions to substances produced by insects
Formaldehyde releasers and their reactivity: new perspectives
Parabens: danger or advertising campaign?
Development of non-allergenic natural latex for the EU-PEARLS European project
Occupational allergens: update and reminders
Skin risks in welders
Skin risks in car mechanics and body repair technicians
Occupational contact dermatitis in the pharmaceutical industry and laboratory and healthcare staff
Predictive immunological tests of the allergenicity of chemical compounds
Reactions during skin tests
- Cosmetics
New methods of skin penetration
Perfumes and cosmetics: what are the regulations in Europe?
Cosmetics: learning to read the labels
The history of soap
Contact allergies to foaming agents of cosmetics and cleansing products
Cheilitis, perioral dermatitis and contact allergy
- Medicines and biomaterials
Comparative skin side-effects of actinic keratosis treatments
Medicinal challenge tests: what is its place in identifying drug-related outbreaks?
Allergies to vaccines
Eczema to plant-based medicinal topical agents
The different allergens of orthopaedic material
Materiovigilance and dermato-allergology
- Topical subjects
What’s new in contact allergology?
What’s new in photo-allergy?
What’s new in atopic dermatitis?
Colophane and terebenthine: update and innovations
Update on bradykinin-related angioedema

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