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Multiple sclerosis

Sclérose en plaques

Thibault Moreau, Renaud Du Pasquier

Collection : Traité de neurologie
Publishor : DOIN
296 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Neurology - Neuropsychology - Epilepsy  
Format : 17 x 24 cm

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ISBN : 978-2-7040-1533-7
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Beyond the many new treatments for multiple sclerosis, a real change in concepts is emerging and new practices are being established. Knowledge of the epidemiology, mechanisms, clinical forms, diagnosis procedure, imaging and therapeutic treatment has evolved.

Understanding all these new developments is essential in order to ensure optimal care and eliminate risks for patients. Multiple sclerosis is a rich and diverse environment, ranging from research to daily treatment.

This book is a compilation of work from authors renowned in their areas of expertise and aims to share their know-how with everyone while describing the fast-paced changing world of multiple sclerosis.



• Pr Thibault Moreau
, Neurology Unit, University Hospital of Dijon, France

• Pr Renaud Du Pasquier, Neurology Unit, University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland




Chapter 1.  Prevalence, incidence, comorbidity
Chapter 2.  Genetics
Chapter 3.  Environmental factor
Chapter 4.  Myelination, demyelination, neurodegeneration
Chapter 5.  Immunology
Chapter 6.  Anatomical pathology
Chapter 7.  Clinical events of multiple sclerosis and prognostic evolution
Chapter 8.  Determining a diagnosis
Chapter 9.  Differential diagnosis
Chapter 10. Extreme clinical form (benign, aggressive)
Chapter 11. Pregnancy
Chapter 12. Similar diseases and acute neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder
Chapter 13. Cognition, fatigue
Chapter 14. Paediatric multiple sclerosis and ADEM
Chapter 15. MRI
Chapter 16. Blood and cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers
Chapter 17. Maintenance treatment and complications
Chapter 18. Symptomatic treatment