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Applied Human Physiology (2nd edition)

Physiologie humaine appliquée (2e édition)

Claude Martin, Benoît Vallet, Bruno Riou

Collection : Hors collection
Publishor : ARNETTE
916 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Anesthesiology - reanimation   Cardiology   Gastroenterology and Hepatology   Hematology   Internal Medicine   Nephrology   Neurology - Neuropsychology - Epilepsy   Oncology - Cancer   Pneumology  
Format : 21 x 29,7 cm

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ISBN : 978-2-7184-1421-8
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Medical practice is fundamentally based on good knowledge of the normal functioning of different organs and physiological systems, especially when the use of this knowledge concerns immediately vital functions, which is particularly the case in the practice of anaesthesia, intensive care, and emergency medicine.

Knowing physiology means definitively understanding the pathophysiology and mechanisms that cause disease, impaired organ function worsening, and the assessment of the risk associated with this organ dysfunction. The originality of this book is in making the connection between physiology and pathological situations involving the major functions of the body.

By explaining the normal functioning of organs, its aim is to make it possible to better comprehend the consequences of a change in their physiology and the seriousness of the associated pathological situations. Thus, the overarching idea is that knowledge of pathophysiology can help prevent impairment of organ function and the resulting consequences for the patient.

A peerless work, this text is part of a holistic approach: quality of training, targeted information, and optimisation of medical practice. Useful for all specialists or interns in specialties, internal or general doctors, this treatise will prove to be essential to the practice of emergency medicine, specialised intensive care, and medical and surgical intensive care.