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Jean-Yves Blay, Eric Raymond

Collection : Thérapie ciblée des cancers
96 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Medical Biology and Physiology   Hematology   Oncology - Cancer  
Format : 17 x 24 cm

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ISBN : 978-2-7420-1258-9
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Understanding the phenomenon of metastasis: a challenge for future cancer therapies.

This volume brings together leading experts (doctors and researchers) to provide a thorough update on current knowledge on this phenomenon so common in oncology, this model of survival and adaptation that is metastasis.

  • Which mechanisms make possible the spreading of the tumour cells to overrun the entire organism?
  • Why normal cells help the growing of tumour cells?
  • Why it remains so difficult to reproduce this phenomenon in laboratories ? It prevent developing new therapeutic strategies.

It is only the understanding of the mechanisms that will allow research to advance in this area.