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Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine - volume 10

Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine - vol. 10

Philippe Collery, Ivan Maymard, Theophile Thephanides, Lylia Khassanova, Thomas Collery

Collection : Metal Ions
960 pages
Published in : English
Speciality : Pharmacology  

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ISBN : 978-2-7420-0714-1
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This 10th International Symposium on Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine is a major event.
Research into new components of the metals with therapeutic applications is one of the most highly ambitious fields today.
The aims of this 10th volume are to present the latest scientific progress in the fields of biochemistry, chemistry and cell biology using examples such as the therapeutic applications of complex metal ligands.
Progress in our understanding of the roles played by metals in cells has resulted in the rise of metal-based medicinal products which are currently a major research field.
This book provides the latest findings on:
- the effects of metals in cancer, infectious disease, endocrine disorders and all other diseases affecting human beings.
- toxicological aspects of metal ions
- metal-based medicinal products

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