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Essential Values-Based Clinical Practices

Essential Values-Based Clinical Practices

Clinical Stories Linking Science with people

Bill K.W.M. Fulford, Ed Peile, Heidi Carroll

Collection : la Personne en Médecine
Publishor : DOIN
Co-Publishor : Traduit sous la direction de : Arnaud Plagnol et Bernard Pachoud
320 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Medical Ethics   Psychiatry   Éthics / Responsibility  
Format : 17 x 24 cm

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ISBN : 978-2-7040-1479-8
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An essential tool for all who seek to have a personalised approach
to medicine and the carer-care-worker relationship 

This book presents a novel approach to medicine in all of the care disciplines. Values-based clinical practice was born from the observation that patients were all too often dissatisfied and that practitioners were uneasy in their everyday practice, faced with multiple conflicts in their care which has become highly technical.

The framework offered in this book provides a concrete answer to these problems, at the same time remaining compatible with the scientific rigor needed for current care practices.  Each chapter is extremely dynamic in its writing and is organised around a "case story" which can be understood without any previous specialist training.  It shows how care practices can be delivered as close as possible to each patient as an individual through surgery and palliative care to psychiatry based on the resources of the person being cared for and his/her family and all members of the care teams, which have now become multidisciplinary.

Essential values-based practice has already become a reference text in the United Kingdom and over the five continents and has a very large potential readership: doctors from various specialties and all professionals involved in health and the medico-social sphere (psychologists, nurses, educators, etc.).  It is written as a practical manual and is also extremely useful for students intending to enter these professions who are looking to base their vocation in respect of each person’s individual values.


• Part 1. Values, individuals and overview of values-based clinical practice.
• Part 2. Competencies to deliver values-based clinical practice.
• Part 3. Relationships in values-based clinical practice.
• Part 4. Science and values-based clinical practice.
• Part 5. Putting it all together.

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