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JEPU 2017. Continuing medical education for nurses

JEPU 2017

Conference proceedings 39th continuing education meeting of nurses and nurse anaesthetists

Pierre Coriat, Nathalie Fleury, Sophie Lamy

Collection : JEPU Infirmiers
Publishor : ARNETTE
172 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Anesthesiology - reanimation  
Format : 16 x 24 cm

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ISBN : 978-2-7184-1455-3
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Each year, JEPU attracts a wide range of practitioners and healthcare personnel from the field.
Specialised sessions are organised for nurse anaesthetists, and information from the sessions is then compiled into a publication.

Each year this collection releases one multi-thematic book in line with national recommendations: promoting care pathways and treatments for patients, treating post-operative pain and managing risks.

CONTENTS ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Anaesthesia 2020: new technology, new organisation

• Eco-friendly anaesthesia
• New devices: forms and purposes
• “Open space” operating rooms
• Smartphone applications for anaesthesia
• New organisational models and outpatient flow management
• New professions, new skills for post-operative outpatients

Perioperative constraints in blood flow

a) Risks of constraints in blood flow

• Risk to the heart
• Risk to the brain
• Risk to the kidneys

b) Perioperative blood flow management
• Monitoring blood volume
• Indications and choice of vasoconstrictors

Regulations and the nurse anaesthetist profession 
• Medical-legal risk for nurse anaesthetists
• Cooperation protocols: post-mortem review
• New local anaesthetics
• Which operating rooms for which surgeries?