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Hypnosis, acute pain and anaesthesia (2nd Edition)

Hypnosis, acute pain and anaesthesia (2nd Edition)

Claude Virot, Franck Bernard

Collection : Collection Verte
Publishor : ARNETTE
384 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Anesthesiology - reanimation   Pain   Emergency  
Format : 15 x 21 cm

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ISBN : 978-2-7184-1508-6
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In 2010, the publication of the first edition of this book was a real event in the world of anaesthesia-resuscitation. Still unknown at the time, medical hypnosis has become widespread in recent years in the wake of its publication.
Eight years later, while the effectiveness of hypnosis in medical practice and pain management no longer needs to be proven, both authors felt the need to update their work and the enrich it with new chapters.

The use of hypnosis in medicine has developed with the change in patient expectations: more and more, patients wish to have a say in their care and demand that it be individualized to respect their personality. Hypnosis is fully part of this approach since it places the patient at the heart of the treatment.
In addition, neuroscience has restored hypnosis to a place of choice within the arsenal of tools that can be used to help patients suffering from acute pain.

This greatly expanded new edition presents the development of recent years and includes new techniques: dissociative, confusion, relational, sensory, rapid techniques, etc.
It also devotes a large section to the specificities of paediatric hypnosis



Chapter 1 – The evolution of hypnosis
Chapter 2 – From spontaneous trance to therapeutic hypnosis
Chapter 3 – Therapeutic communication
Chapter 4 – The basic protocol
Chapter 5 – Dissociation and association
Chapter 6 – Activation of bodily resources
Chapter 7 – Safety
Chapter 8 – Repatterning
Chapter 9 – Sensoriality
Chapter 10 – Rapid hypnosis
Chapter 11 – Indications of hypnosis in the care pathway
Chapter 12 – Filling techniques
Chapter 13 – Informal Hypnosis
Chapter 14 – Metaphors
Chapter 15 – Self-hypnosis
Chapter 16 – The path to success