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Outpatient surgery: organisational aspects

Outpatient surgery: organisational aspects

Marc Beaussier, Nicolas Dufeu, Patrick Niccolaï, Alexandre Theissen

Collection : Collection Verte
Publishor : ARNETTE
176 pages
Published in : French
Speciality : Anesthesiology - reanimation   General Surgery   Treatment: techniques and devices  
Format : 15 x 21 cm

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ISBN : 978-2-7184-1392-1
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A pragmatic working tool delivering paths of action and improvement
for an organisational approach at each step in management


When possible, outpatient surgery is now considered to be the best way to manage a patient prior to an operation. This book presents the importance of optimal organisation of outpatient surgery units; it reviews the principles and requirements, and responds to three fundamental questions: Which patient? Which procedure? Which structure?

The organisation of sites, the technological environment and medical-administrative guidance are essential factors in management. A well conducted policy of evaluation of practices, risk management and quality assurance will ensure effective, safe functioning. In fact, not exposing the patient to an increased risk is one of the major preoccupations in outpatient surgery.

Addressing all of these subjects, the work provides a step-by-step guide for care technicians and decision makers, throughout the patient’s course of surgery, setting out to optimise each of the steps. Its presentation in the form of sheets makes consultation easy and effective. Each sheet is accompanied by practical recommendations and useful digital supplements, videos, or legal texts. 



Pr Marc Beaussier
Manager of the Unit of Outpatient Surgery, Head of the Department of Anaesthesia-Intensive Care, Hôpital Saint-Antoine – Paris, Director of the Outpatient Committee of the SFAR

Dr Nicolas Dufeu
Anaesthesiologist-intensive care specialist, Member of the Outpatient Committee of the SFAR before the AP-HM (Marseille), founding President of the Outpatient Surgery Society Council

Dr Alexandre Theissen



• Chapter 1. General information
• Chapter 2. Why develop outpatient surgery?
• Chapter 3. Principles and requirements
• Chapter 4. Selection of patients
• Chapter 5. Which procedures?
• Chapter 6. Scheduling activity
• Chapter 7. Preparation of the patient for the intervention
• Chapter 8. Location and geographic organisation of the UCA
• Chapter 9. Course of the patient
• Chapter 10. Continuity of care and monitoring after discharge
• Chapter 11. Piloting of UCA
• Chapter 12. Risk management in outpatient surgery
• Chapter 13. Loss ratio and medical-legal aspects

1. Outpatient passport given at reception ▪ 2.Information sheet before operation ▪
3. Instructions before intervention in outpatient surgery ▪ 4. Recommendations after anaesthesia in outpatient surgery ▪ 5. Anaesthesia report ▪ 6. Questionnaire on hospitalisation – Nurse preparation ▪ 7. Contact text message before and after operation







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