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Biology of Seizure Susceptibility in Developing Brain

Biology of Seizure Susceptibility in Developing Brain

Takao Takahashi, Yukio Fukuyama

Collection : Progress in Epileptic Disorders
232 pages
Published in : English
Speciality : Neurology - Neuropsychology - Epilepsy  

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ISBN : 9782742006830
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Underling biology that governs the age-dependent seizure susceptibility is a new, exciting research field for every pediatric epileptologists and developmental nouroscientists. From daily practice, clinicians are well aware about a close correlation between the degree of seizure susceptibility and age of the individual. Pathophysiological mechanisms involved are multiplex, including race/gender nutrition, receptors/ion channels, dysgenesis, pharmacokinetics of AEDs, acute illnesses/inflammation and many others.
In this book, the top-ranked experts contributed their original papers dealing with the cutting edge of knowledge in various aspects of underlying biology. Each article presents a comprehensive review of the subjects, guiding the readers to better understanding the contemporary status of achievements in this challenging research field.
Ion channels
Progress in genetics of severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy
Functional effects of four sodium Channel mutations that cause generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures plus
Neonatal seizures
Risk factors for postneonatal epileptic seizures in newborns with neonatal seizures
Treatment of neonatal seizures and other intractable epilepsies with cationchloride co-transporter antagonists
Infantile seizures
ARX mutation in females; an under-recognized cause of epilepsy and developmental delay
Genetic etiology of age-dependent epileptic encephalopathies in infancy: longer polyalanine expansion in ARX causes earlier onset and more severe phenotype
Distinct clinical course of epilepsy with an SNC2a mutation – Comparison with scn1a mutations
Intrinsic factors
Linking biochemical pathways to seizure susceptibility in early life; lessons from inborn errors of metabolism
Sex influence on the maturation of endogenous systems involved in seizure control
External influences
How the environment shapes genetically induced seizure activity in rats
Abnormal brain development
Genetic malformations of the cerebral cortex and seizure susceptibility during infancy and childhood
Fetal synaptogenesis and epilepsy of early infancy
Seizure susceptibility in tuberous sclerosis complex
Epilepsy and mental retardation in tuberous sclerosis complex – Can we prevent them?