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Atlas of electroencephalography - Awake and sleep EEG. (2nd edition)

Atlas of electroencephalography - EEG de Veille et de sommeil. (2e édition)

Activation procedures and Artifacts. Vol.1

Philippe Gélisse, Arielle Crespel

Collection : Atlas EEG
384 pages
Published in : English
Speciality : Neurology - Neuropsychology - Epilepsy  
Format : 29,7 x 24 cm

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ISBN : 978-2-7420-1506-1
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mise en avant pour EEG vol1 2ED

This fully updated and revised, 2nd edition will significantly help the visual analysis of EEG by neurologists and other specialists as well as technologists.

The book retains the format and presentation that made the first edition successful.

It is the most comprehensive EEG atlas on activation procedures, artifacts and normal EEG, covering the full spectrum of normal and unusual patterns observed during wakefulness and sleep, in children and adults.

Electroencephalograms are shown in their native format, exactly as they appear in daily practice. Each plate is analyzed, in order to highlight the most significant elements to be used in diagnosis and interpretation.

What is new in this edition:

  • 120 new plates out of 180 : 2/3 of the book has been renewed
  • More physiological rythms, more examples by element
  • A new and larger size of the book for a better readability
  • All the plates, including the ones from the first volume, have been updated, and the presentation is much more precise and practical
  • The principal, full-size plate presents recording speed standard at 30 mm/sec, and is then used in a second plate (figure a) at 15 mm/sec, thus offering a global, more comprehensive vision. This is the only atlas worldwide offering two speeds.
  • All plates have been printed and scanned in high definition, which gives the book an unprecedented quality, compared to other atlases presenting a simple screenshot
  • All plates come from digitized recordings, compared to other atlases with analogue recordings.

The Authors:

Neurologist and epileptologist, Philippe Gélisse works in the Medical and Surgical Epilepsy Unit in Montpellier. His main research topics are juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, benign epilepsy with centro-temporal spikes, psychosis and epilepsy, and antiepileptic drug pharmacology. Dr Gélisse has published articles in international journals and has contributed chapters for books on these topics

Arielle Crespel is a neurologist and epileptologist in the Medical and Surgical Epilepsy Unit in Montpellier. This unit is designed for the management of children and adults with resistant epilepsy. Her main research topics are sleep and epilepsy, the physiopathology of medial temporal lobe epilepsies, and antiepileptic drug pharmacology. Dr Crespel has published articles in international journals and has contributed chapters for books on these topics.


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Book review from Prof. Peter W. Kaplan, on "Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology" September 2018.
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